EVAC Pakistan (Pvt) Ltd

EVAC – Road Side Assistance 24/7


Emergency Vehicle Assistance Center (EVAC) is a first-of-its-kind, 24 hour roadside assistance program in Pakistan. Our operations are centered out of a control room which is manned by trained call dispatchers. EVAC has Responder Vehicles and teams on stand-by at every time, so that whenever you call there’s someone there to come to your assistance. The control room uses digital maps to pick out the shortest and fastest way to get to you.

Our teams comprise of well qualified technitions who will not only diagnose the problem but will do their best to resolve it right there. And if they can’t, then the vehicle is recovered to a preferred garage and our member is provided with an onward drop off to a location of  choice. With EVAC you’re never stranded.

Responder Fleet

EVAC has a fleet of brand new vehicles. Each is fitted with wireless, cellular and Satellite tracking devices. EVAC’s responder fleet consist of the following.

  • Brand new imported Slide-back recovery trucks
  • EVAC rescue units (Mobile Emergency Vans)
  • EVAC Seekers (Motorbike response team)
  • Vehicles fitted with wireless, cellular and Satellite tracking devices

Each EVAC responder unit is equipped with:

  • Spare batteries
  • Temporary replacement tires/wheels
  • Spare fuel
  • Engine coolant
  • Hydraulic fluid’s/Oils
  • Battery booster
  • High-powered flood lights for night rescue
  • On-board generator
  • Consumable such as: bulbs, wiper blades, electrical fuses, spark plugs, etc.
    (To get our member back on the road)
  • On-board air compressor, pneumatic / hydraulic / electrical tools.


We people love the open road — not sitting beside the open road with a broken car, a lost key or an empty gas tank. We hope your rides are uninterrupted bliss. But if reality intrudes, and you need emergency roadside assistance, EVAC is your best call.

Keys? What Keys?

You thought you had the keys, you really did! And besides isn’t locking your keys inside the car something that happens to other people? I hope the rest of the day goes better than this.



Need a Lift?

Like you needed this. Miles from home and your car decides to conk out on you. How are you going to get back now?



Plan Gone Flat?

There you are cruising along when suddenly you have a flat tire. And there’s no spare! Now what?



Running on E?

You can see the fuel needle is down to ‘E’ but no worries. There should be plenty of reserve, right? Then why has the car stopped in the middle of the road?



Jump Start your Day

You’re in a rush this morning, like every other morning. There are kids to drop to school and an office to get to. You open your car and realize that somebody left the headlights on. Now the battery’s dead and the car won’t start.


Far From Home?

You’re away from home and suddenly you’re in a collision. What do you do? CALL EVAC AT 11-GO-EVAC, NOT A MEMBER, BECOME A MEMBER ON THE SPOT.



Collision Course

You’re a careful driver so how did this happen? Accidents can happen to anyone at anytime. The important thing is to know what to do, who to call and who will come to your aid.

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