Ask Dr. EVAC

Ask Dr. EVAC


General FAQs

1. Will my EVAC membership cover me in any vehicle?

At EVAC, we cover the vehicle rather than the driver. This way who ever is driving the vehicle can get EVAC assistance at any time. Unfortunately at this moment in time we are not covering the driver. So the vehicle in question must be covered by EVAC to be able to receive services from EVAC. If you are in a vehicle which is not covered by EVAC and you experience a situation which requires EVAC’s service’s you may call in at that particular time and become a member on the spot and an EVAC responder vehicle will be sent to your rescue.

2. I would like to join and pay by monthly instalments

This option is not currently available with EVAC. All memberships given out are charged on a annual basis. To arrange for a payment pick up, you may call any time at 111-GO-EVAC and our office will send a representative to receive your annual payment.
EVAC is the first of a kind road side assistance company, to be launched in Pakistan. Over the next couple of months, we intend to cover most major cities of Pakistan. Once you are a member of EVAC you may avail the services in any city where EVAC operates. Currently EVAC is being launched in Karachi only. However as soon as we open in other cities we will inform our members and at that point in time they will be able to avail EVAC in those cities as well.

3. Can I transfer my EVAC membership from one vehicle to another?

Generally this is not allowed. Once you register a vehicle with EVAC you can only transfer it to another vehicle in the case you have sold that particular vehicle and want to transfer your EVAC membership to your new vehicle. In that case the remaining validity in terms of months will apply to the new vehicle being transferred onto. For transferring your membership from a sold vehicle to a new vehicle, you will have to call 111-GO-EVAC, and request for a transfer of membership.

4. How many vehicles can I have covered under one membership (Individual Memberships)

EVAC provides one MASTER membership, which permits the user to register upto two more vehicles at 50% discount. So for example if you have three vehicles in your house, you can purchase one master membership for PKR 4750 annually, and then each other vehicle upto a maximum of two more vehicles can be covered at 50% of the master membership. Thus to cover all three of your vehicles it will cost you PKR 9500. Rather if you would purchase 3 master’s members ships that would cost you 14250. Thus you are saving 4750.

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5. What if I have more than 4 vehicles to cover?

In that case you will have to purchase two master memberships, which would let you register up to 6 vehicles.

6. Do the vehicles I register have to be owned by me?

Indeed. All vehicles you register under EVAC, must be owned either by yourself, parents, or spouse. And must be represented by one residential address.

7. If I purchase a Master membership, can I register friends vehicles under the option of the other two?

No. The option of registering other people’s or other owner’s vehicles under your name is not permitted.

8. What do you mean by MASTER membership?

An individual membership is called a master membership. Because you are able to register two more vehicles under the master membership. This has been done, because many people in today’s fast growing world have sometimes more than one vehicle under ownership and it would be unfair and expensive to charge people who own more than one vehicle the same rate for each. Thus to make it affordable EVAC developed the Master Membership program.

9. If an individual membership is called master membership, what is a Corporate membership called?

EVAC calls an individual membership Master membership. And the corporate membership program is called EVAC Business Care.

10. What is EVAC Business Care?

EVAC Business Care, takes care of all the automotive needs of small business, transport companies, multinationals, banks, leasing companies, insurance companies and taxi cab companies. Any group, business or large entity having more than FIVE vehicles under ownership are entered into the EVAC Business Care program. The services for EVAC Business Care are the same as our standard services for Individuals.

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11. Can I call EVAC just to come deliver fuel or other minor spare parts to me even though my vehicle is in perfect operational condition?

As a member you are entitled to 4 free call outs. EVAC responder vehicles do not carry any major spare parts apart from brand new batteries.You may call us anytime to receive roadside assistance. However in case you call us for fuel delivery or change of a battery then those will be charged as per the actual cost. However that will be counted towards your 4 free call outs. You can even calls us just to inspect our services and see our smiling, friendly and extremely qualified EVAC responders.

12. If I am not an EVAC member and require service be it at home, at work or on the road, will EVAC still come?

Yes. If you are not a member and you need our services we will register you on the phone as a new member and send our responder teams out to you. However you will have to purchase the membership at that time via cross cheque, cash or credit card. The operator will confirm that you are willing to pay on the spot, either via a cross cheque, credit card or cash.

13. If I buy a new car or am borrowing a friends car, will my EVAC membership cover me?

EVAC membership is vehicle based; it covers whom so ever may be driving it. However if the vehicle is not covered by EVAC and you require assistance you may call EVAC at any time during the emergency at 111-GO-EVAC and register, pay and avail all the
services immediately.

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14. I would like a membership information pack

You may visit and all membership information packs are available in the media section for download. If you require a print version you may contact us via our website. We will send an information pack to you as soon as possible.

15. I would like EVAC Cover for my company vehicles

EVAC has a specially catered section for small business, multinationals, banks, leasing companies called EVAC BUSINESS CARE. This program provides cover for your company vehicles. To enroll you may call EVAC at 111-GO-EVAC and request to speak with the Sales and Marketing TEAM, or you may visit and refer to the corporate membership section

16. No Call-out discount

You will receive a 10% discount on your renewal fee if you have not called us out during your membership year.

17. How do I pay for my EVAC Annual Membership

Payments are made via cross cheque for your EVAC annual Membership. You have the option of calling in and requesting for a EVAC representative to have your payment collected. Or you may pay the dealer through whom you are purchasing the EVAC membership either via cross cheque, cash or credit card.

18. What should I do if I have an accident?

Call us immediately at 111-GO-EVAC at the scene, state your vehicle registration number, or your first and last name and we will advise you on exactly what you need to do. Our call center will then dispatch the necessary services to your location.

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19. What if I don’t need the EVAC to come out to me as I can still drive my car?

If you feel comfortable calling us then we are always available 24 hours, 7 days a week, 365 days of the year.

20. When should I call?

Whenever you feel you need to call EVAC for roadside assistance.

21. My vehicle is insured, do I still need EVAC annual membership?

Yes. Insurance companies are primarily interested in fixing your car and come to your help once your vehicle has reached a garage/workshop. EVAC is interested in getting you back on the road in the event you are stranded, due to a malfunction of your vehicle be it at home, work or on the road side. EVAC will try and get you back on the road as soon as possible. However if your vehicle needs to be sent to a garage, then EVAC will provide a recovery truck to transport your vehicle safely to a garage of your choice, or refer a garage to you. Further more EVAC will ensure that you are dropped to the final destination of your choice in our EVAC customer courtesy vehicle.

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